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5 Smiley's - Mac OS Journal
Mac OS Journal September 2000 Review

5 Stars - AppleWizards
AppleWizards August 1999 Review

5 Apples - MacHome Journal
MacHome Journal
February 2001 Review


Four Mice - MacDownload.com
MacDownload.com Review

"TextSpresso is an invaluable tool for cleaning up email messages as you incorporate them into word processing documents or Web pages. In seconds, the numerous filters allow you to remove any extraneous characters from emails you want to use elsewhere. The variety of tools developed for gathering your text will leave you pleased that you discovered this shareware program."
Rated 5 out of 5 Apples, MacHome Journal magazine February 2001 Review (page 34)

"So if you work with text from different sources, this program is for you. If you work in print publication, web publication, different programs and different machines, you need this program. I have found it a time-saver with a friendly interface and customizable feature set. TextSpresso has earned our highest rating of 5 Smileys. Be sure to pay your shareware fees on this one - - it's worth it."
Rated 5 out of 5 Smileys, Mac OS Journal September 2000 Review

"...the product I got to check out this month wowed me, and I want you to buy it. It's called TextSpresso, it's from a company called Taylor Design...What can I say? It's a great program. Its main fault is more of misdirection than any single missing feature. Taylor Design doesn't seem to realize how powerful their program is, and are calling it the best text cleaner on the market. With minor modification, it could be the best text editor on the market..."
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars, AppleWizards August 1999 Review

"...I'm happy to say that TextSpresso (from Taylor Design at www.taylor-design.com) has become a clear winner. Its last few revisions -- the most recent of which I downloaded less than a week ago -- have made it my text cleaning utility of choice....So far -- and I've tried other products and even own one of them -- your solution has been the best."
Vancouver Sun Review

"TextSpresso is a full-blown text cleaning machine. If you find yourself often having to clean up text files delivered to you via e-mail or from some weird DOS-based word processor, TextSpresso is for you...worth every penny of the shareware fee. If it saves you an hour of your time a week, the investment pays off in both cash terms and reducing the level of frustration cleaning up text creates."
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars, ZDNet's Macdownload.com

"TextSpresso makes it easy to clean up almost anything, including the most mangled examples I could come up with for testing purposes...There are hundreds of cases in which you need to clean up text that you're trying to reuse...Not only does TextSpresso already contain most of the filters you'll ever need, but it also makes it easy for you to add your own for special circumstances. It just doesn't get any better than that."
File Mine Jewel, CMP Net's File Mine

"Digital publishers will appreciate quick and easy text conversion between Macintosh and PC, with the preservation of special characters; text reformatting for print, and more...The program can work within any Macintosh application. The user simply selects the target text, hits a Hot Key or moves to a Hot Corner, and selects the appropriate filter."
The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

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