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"TextSpresso is awesome! Congratulations on some great work!"
Peter W. Johnson, Jr.

"I'm pleased that you rated 5 mice, but in my estimation it should have been six! Your program has saved me more time and aggravation than anything else I have beside CopyPaste. Without the both of these programs, my computer work would be a lot of drudgery - and I'm using a Mac! Imagine the troubles of the folks who have neither a Mac NOR TextSpresso. Thanks again and again."
Mary R. Henry

"I am really happy to have such a powerful 'file opener' and the filters are really great...Thank you very much for creating such a wonderful tool. Please continue!!!!"
Rainer Wilhelm

"It is a tremendous utility that is great for cleaning up large blocks of text copied from the web and e-mail."
David J. Ourisman

"Just so you know, I'm watching the project eagerly. Working at a newspaper, we frequently need complex text filtering, and nothing on the Mac really does that very well right now....PLEASE keep up the good work."
Dan Bronson

"TextSpresso. Impressive!"
Michael Flower

"Bravo on TextSpresso!! I evaluated several products and yours was by far the best, most stable and most customizable!"
Luke Hamburg

"Also, I think your product is great, and I wish I would have tried it years ago. I use it a lot to archive files from web sites, and it very easily and quickly lets me save the words I want without a bunch of graphics, etc."
Steve Merritt

"You are a reminder of the 'good old days,' when Mac programs were lean, mean, and did what they were supposed to do. You've done a great job of staying focused, and not letting TextSpresso get off into the bushes trying to be 19 other things. It is, quite simply, the best at what it does. Thanks for a great concept, well executed."
Brian Weiss

"Wow - that's amazingly thorough and has a well-designed, intuitive interface. I was able to play with some text from Netscape and it did just what I wanted. I looked at how to create and edit filters - amazing! TextSpresso has become a permanent part of my productivity toolkit."
Paul Collins

"I just tried out TextSpresso and registered right away. I am so impressed. A task which took me 45 minutes every week now is done with one click and 45 seconds (10MB file). I don't know how you did it, but your product screams on my G3. I had been using a word processor to massage a 10 MB text file for import into my database. Other text editing utilities choked when I tried to use them for this purpose. Your product rocks!!!!!!"
Jim Babb

"By the way, your software is really great. I use it all the time for cleaning up those poorly formatted e-mails, and for miscellaneous other text editing. A wonderful tool!"
Val Ness

"This program is saving me many hours of having to hand adjust text, etc. Great job!"
Hank Beaulieu

I just wanted to thank you for the latest version, TextSpresso 1.2. I very much like the print and fax functions and have successfully used them both. It is rock solid and since we went on line I have used it all the time to import material from the web, clean it up , re-write it and send it back to our site with the basic HTML text coding. I also now use it as my primary text editor, writing fresh stories."
Tony Goldman

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